Ethereum News: EXPLOSION Soon! I’ve NEVER Been SO BULLISH on ETH!

If i & # 39, ve learned anything in crypto over the years, is it just when people start giving up on a coin, that's when it does its best work? I want you guys to think about this with as much error that bitcoin sucked out of the room this week from the 1.

5 billion tesla bitcoin purchase and ethereum doomsday preppers selling, their ethers in fear of the cme futures launch each still made a new all-time high. Last night of 1831. 2k is around the corner, but that's, not enough.

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Before taking me on, we & # 39. Ve got a new promotion going on right now, so make sure to sign up now in this video we're, going to be looking at why i still believe ethereum will hit 2 500 by valentine's day and, yes, i know It's only a week we'll, be looking also at how we could get to 40 000 by the end of this year seriously.

But let's, get something straight right here off the rim. I want 2 500 by valentine's day, that's. Why i predicted it and i do believe it's going to happen. However, let's, be for real here, whether or not it hits it on the day before or a few days later.

The point is this is where the price is heading to in the short term, when i predicted back in december that ethereum would hit a new all-time high on january 17th. It actually hit it about 36 hours after my prediction, the exact date's, not really that important.

The important part is that it does in fact head to those prices relatively close to predicted dates, and i'm very confident that we are heading to 2 500 very soon. Why do i believe that? Well, the better question would be.

Why do people not believe that think about this 80 of all money that flowed into cryptocurrency last week flowed into ethereum? Of course, much of that money was coming in on the new cme futures contracts, so these are a way for investors to hedge, their physical ethereum holdings, physical, digital holdings, anyways.

These users contracts are settled in u.s dollars. Many people have believed that these new futures contracts would hold the price back, but i never believe that it's all about timing. If this was taking place in september or october near the likely peak of this bull cycle, then i would definitely think it would signal the end of the bullishness, but where this falls in this cycle, it's more likely not to have the same Effect as the cme bitcoin futures launched in december of 2017 at the peak of the market, of course, when that happens, it's, a good idea to hedge to the downside, but no one thinks that this is the top of this market.

People who know anyhow so what kind of effect will this have on the market a volatile one so buckle in the world of institutional investing is one most people never get to peek inside of now. Imagine if you were a corporation or an investment fund wanting to buy 100 000 eth? How would you do it? Well, you certainly couldn't.

Do it by signing up for a coinbase account, you basically have two options. You can invest through institutional investment channels and vehicles like futures contracts, or you could try the sometimes sketchy otc markets with these future contracts.

Launching now more money can come pouring into ether which could lead to a high level of volatility, and this is good for us. In a bull market, because, while the lows and pullbacks may be sharp, the upside potential is what we need to get those lambos grayscale backs us up.

They've, been making some incredible, bitcoin buys lately, but it's. The ethereum buys that are starting to get the attention recently. They bought 100 000 more each to add to their gray scale. Ethereum trust they now have over 5 billion in ethereum holdings for the trust pretty insane.

When you think about it - and you can see they were inactive buying during the time when they had suspended new investments into the trust as soon as they turned them back on last week, the eth buying resumed.

I would say that when we see pullbacks in the future, it could be the big money attempting to get back in at lower prices, especially due to how much greyscale holds but grayscale isn't. The only entity buying ethereum right now.

When you look at the exchange reserves, you will see that as the price is going higher, the amount of eve on exchanges is plummeting secret is out, and the price will likely be heading up to 2 000 sooner rather than later.

The key level to watch now is eighteen hundred dollars. If the bulls are able to flip eighteen hundred into support after rejection this morning, then it could be all she wrote. The closer eve gets to 2k.

The more support will come in to push it over the top and it isn't only the technicals giving us the 2k hopium all the talk of eip1559. That will alleviate gases can also help save the day. Send us spiraling upwards, but more on that in a moment inside chart on twitter and tradingview has posted some very interesting charts over the last week, of course, make sure to go.

Give them a follow, because i & # 39. Ve got a lot of value on what they're posting. They're, showing a 2 300 each very soon, and a chart that recently showed up on twitter and tagged me showed a trailing, stop parabolic curve, putting ethereum at 3 200 on valentine's day, and what's? Better? Is that they're, showing a 4 000 each by the end of the month? I do still believe we're, going to get there by valentine's day, but definitely by the end of this month.

Kind of what i'm, seeing is me missing the prediction by 36 to 48 hours again, because the lord has to keep me humble somehow it's, a difficult task. No one wants to do it, but where are we going in the longer term? Well, that's.

A very interesting conversation, 10k, 20k and 40k are all definitely still in play for this cycle. Let's, break down each of those numbers. A december 31st 2021 call option is open and people are taking it right now there is 15.

2 million dollars in open interest for this call option, but there are also some higher call options all the way to a hundred grand, and this is the reason we needed Wall street to come into crypto, it's, big money, but back to the eip 1559 we mentioned earlier.

This is the ethereum proposal meant to reduce gases and control the supply better through burning. While this won & # 39, t come into play until later this year when it does hit - and there is an east hard fork, some analysts believe ethereum will balloon to 20k.

Now the speculation is, this: could solve eth's biggest clearing weakness, the exorbitant gases that make life miserable for smaller traders, justice hope alone could set us up for big moves to the upside and 20k is not the top evaluation of the year.

Of course, i've been up front where i believe ethereum is heading to 27k, but looking at another chart it seems like we could end up at 40k by the end of the year. That would be absolutely insane, but there will need to be some consolidation points along the way.

So let me tell you what i see happening for this year: isaiah ethereum somewhere between 3k and 4k by the end of this month, then probably a retracement to 2500. In march, at some point, devil will start popping again and eat will shoot through the roof over 10k before another retracement in the summer, then after bitcoin peaks in september in october, ethereum will skyrocket again somewhere between 20k and 40k.

Now i can tell you this: once ethereum hits 20 000. It would make sense to start dollar cost averaging out of ethereum and really the market as a whole. Ethereum's. Last parabolic. Move of this cycle will signal the end.

Hopefully there won't, be as much volatility to the downside like cycles past. This could be due to the fact institutional money has what the kids are now calling diamond hands. They borrowed moon from us, so i'ma, borrow diamond hands from them fair trade yeah.

I think so, but let me know exactly what you think is going to happen with ethereum. Am i going to be proven right? It's. Bitstradamus again, or will we never see 2 500 in february, make sure to drop those comments down below help us get the ethereum message out to more people by smashing the like button on this video and a special thank you to the bit squad for helping us To become the number one channel in all of cryptocurrency, that's, all i got be blessed: [, Music ], you